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When life brings you ‘Artificial Intelligence’ turn to Feminism

I am planning to write a reflection on the amazing experience that was the OER24 Conference but that will take time so for now, I will tell you about the finale – a Gasta session that was stage-managed by the Chief Gastateer Tom Farrelly. Tom is a golden man who will be in my heart forever. He helped me deliver a Gasta at a tricky time in my life and I was honoured to be in the company of four other victims (as Tom called us). They are great speakers and I am sure the audience let the conference educated and entertained. This was the line-up.

Frances Bell When life brings you ‘Artificial Intelligence’ turn to Feminism

Ruth Fox – Big or Small We Love Them All: Growing the Global Collection of OERs

Jeremiah Spillane Breaking Barriers with Sound: Utilising Podcasts as Open and Reusable Learning Resources

Eamon Costello Love after the algorithm: AI and bad pedagogy police

Alan Levine Get Federated

Anyone who has seen a Gasta session knows how Tom ramps up the atmosphere by rehearsing the Gaelic countup  and countdown and engages with the Gastateers.

My Gasta began with a comedy false start. There was a screen below the stage where I had been told I would see the 5 minute timer but once the  Gaelic countup had finished, it was blank. I froze!

Tom kindly gave me another go.

I was fascinated by the way that the Gastas somehow complemented each other and sparked connections. This happened many times throughout the conference – it was a theatre of happenstance.

Link to References and Resources for Frances’ Gasta.

Script of Frances’ Gasta

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francesbell • March 30, 2024

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