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A sorry tale of wood-burning stoves and miscommunication

A morality tale This is a morality tale for those who have or intend to purchase a wood-burning stove to help bring down their energy bills, and those who are crafting home grown gifts for family and friends.  If, like us, you fall into both categories beware the hidden dangers. The excitement On Friday, I…

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Lansley’s Health Bill -Lolcatted in No 10

In the UK, many of our cherished institutions are under threat from the coalition government, none more so than our beloved NHS.  Today a petition to “Drop the Health Bill” passed the magic 100,000 signatures that will help it to be considered in parliament. In celebration of this momentous occasion, I have LOLcatted an…

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A political joke from Steven Lukes

Five citizens of the Reich were sitting in a railway waiting room.  One of them sighed, another clasped his head in his hands, the third one groaned loudly and the fourth sat with tears streaming down his face. The fifth one looked at them, and shook his head. ‘Be careful , gentlemen.  It’s not wise…

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