Four Days

This is an image of a sunset with the words of a poem superimposed on it. The poem follows in the text of the post
Four Days image and Poem by Frances Bell CCL

Four days

Four days to say hello to the twin who was born, and breathed, but was never going to leave the hospital

Four days for twins who for thirty eight weeks had shared a womb, to share a room

Strong kicks and weak pushes

Four days while one twin thrived and the other failed gently as we knew he would

Four days suspended in the space between the gingerly anticipated and the actual

Hungry boy and hungerless boy

And on the fourth day, the privilege of just being with him as he slipped away

We looked backwards and launched ourselves into our four futures

Saving the bootees he wore for four days for nearly thirty thousand days.

Frances Bell August 2019

Yesterday was the 38th anniversary of the fourth day. Life goes on 🙂

Strong as silk

Silk chiffon
Silk chiffon from my silk stash

Silk is natural, light, prismatic, gossamer.
We know no fibre stronger than silk.
One cocoon yields over 700 yards of filament.

Silk can be reeled, spun, woven, sewn, knitted,
patterned by weaving, printing, stitching, piecing,
made into beautiful artefacts, to wear and to enjoy.

Silk is beautiful and multiple.
Silk can be chiffon, organza, crepe, satin, raw, taffeta, velvet.
Silk keeps us cool in summer and warm in winter.

You are silk, we are silk.
You are more than silk, we are more than silk.
We cocoon living things.

From you and with you, beauty is created.
You are many,
you are strong,
you are beautiful.

A poem is quite a departure for me  – and was inspired by many strong women I know, some of whom will be receiving a tangible version.