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Videos – Free Motion Quilting and Embroidery

I will share a few links to specific videos and/or you can search artists’ channels.

1. Angela Walters Youtube Channel Angela also does quilting with special rulers (not cheap) but I will not be covering that as I don’t have them.

2. Angela Walters Meandering and Echoing Even if you want to do embroidery rather than quilting, this video is a good way to start learning to handle the free motion/ darning foot. She has a good style that permits “mistakes” and focusses on the positive.

3. I can highly recommend Stitches by Julia YouTube channel Julia sells her work on Etsy and kindly shares the process of some of them on her channel.

Here are a few examples:

4. This video is an excellent example of her process as she films most of it, and uses “easy” options such as using/adapting cheap templates and using a few dots of school glue to hold down small pieces of fabric that will be stitched once they are dry. She also demonstrates her “sketchy” style of stitching that’s useful for outlining and writing.

5. These bookmarks are a smaller project that is good to try out

6. This project is a bit more extensive and demonstrates reuse and scraps

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