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Identity under re-construction

moocardproof by frances bell
moocardproof, a photo by frances bell on Flickr.

I leave the University of Salford on 31 January as a member of staff, continuing as a student for 6 months as I complete my PhD by publications.  Although my usual workload has gradually declined, I am very busy with the ‘work’ of re-constructing my identity. (I have also had some really bad stuff in my personal life in the last few months). On leave this week, I am busy thinking about my web site, moving my blog, getting business cards, changing my email on as many logins as I can remember.

I have described myself as Consultant and Itinerant Scholar, so I can put on that identity and see how it fits.  I thought that I was borrowing the Itinerant Scholar term from a delegate to ir13 but Google tells me there quite a few Itinerant Scholars.

I have taken my pension a little early (I was 60 in December) and I am looking forward to working less than full time on things I enjoy, and having more time to do unpaid work and have fun.  Now obviously, I will still be me but I think I need to build a professional identity that I can grow into.  As I may be  a PhD in 6 months, this gives me the perfect opportunity to have a temporary record of my identity with the business card above, of which only 100 will be printed.

So what do you think of the image and the identity?  Is it the me you know?


francesbell • January 22, 2013

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  3. jaapsoft2 January 26, 2014 - 9:40 pm Reply

    I would have expected some color in your card. But local culture could ask for brown card? A mirror is a fine image, but the back of a head is not very inviting. maybe you take a picture more from the shoulder?
    Good luck with your new business.

    • francesbell January 26, 2014 - 9:45 pm Reply

      Thanks Jaap. It’s interesting for me to reflect on how my plans for retirement have changed from a year ago. I am planning a new avatar (full-frontal) so watch this space;)

  4. Welcome to Frances Bell – home at last for all the mes – Frances Bell
  5. Welcome to Frances Bell – home at last for all the mes – Frances Bell

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