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Starting our Adventure

dh Terry and I have started our month-long trip in Max Headroom to Netherlands, Germany, Denmark (briefly ), ferry to Iceland (for 2 weeks), Faroes (3 days). It’s all very exciting. The highlight of our trip is visiting family but I know we’ll have many adventures along the way.

We left our rainy and overgrown garden at lunchtime today (elephant garlic growing strongly in foreground and Viburnum Plicatum Mariesii blossoming away to the right).


Garden -rainy and a bit weedy

Our journey to Hull was fairly good and Terry reversed Max Headroom into place next to 2 huge containers.


Max Headroom in place on ferry

We headed on up to our cabin -cosy!



We are now having a beer in the bar waiting to depart Hull. We are looking forward to a nice meal in the restaurant and will disembark at Rotterdam tomorrow morning.

This is the first blog post l have ever written with a stylus on my phone so I’m hoping it looks OK.


francesbell • May 18, 2016

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