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International Women’s Day 2019 #femedtech #IWD19 #IWD2019

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The theme of International Women’s Day 2019 is Better the balance, better the world #Balanceforbetter , and it’s only a month away. After experiencing the BBC’s efforts at balance, I feel slightly suspicious of the concept but I am sure that @femedtech and #femedtech can mark IWD 2019 in style, and work towards gender balance in family, work, polity and open spaces – there’s work to do. Maren Deepwell has already started by crowdsourcing a slide collection for #IWD2019


You can add slides here

I looked back to see what we have done previously on IWD. In 2017, Helen Beetham posted

and there was a rich response.

In 2018, I blogged Share stuff on #femedtech for International Women’s Day 2018 and beyond #IWD2018 with a more muted response, possibly because there was a strike that day in UK HE. @femedtech and #femedtech have grown strongly since March 2018, thanks to shared curation which is going really well.

So now seems a good time to thank all of our @femedtech curators – past, present and future @helenbeetham @MarenDeepwell ‏ @katiepiatt @ItsMiasTweets @AmandaCookson @ammienoot @francesbell @hey_km @SFarley_Charlie @sharonlflynn @loumycroft  @louisedrumm @marloft @jmenglund03 @clarethomsonqub @catspyjamasnz @catherinecronin @vivienrolfe @lizbennett1 @warwicklanguage @mhawksey @kshjensen @francesbell @marendeepwell @debjarnold @orna_farrell @gravesle @martinaemke @louoboyle @RKChallen @fieryred1 @annehole @sheilmcn


In her curation, starting 11 Feb 2019, Kathrine Jensen is running a Wikipedia editing event

I am hoping that this event can get me editing regularly on Wikipedia. I have thought of a woman to make a page for and have started to collect references but I am going to need some support. I hope that more and less experienced Wikipedians will participate to support people like me, to learn and to help Wikipedia grow.

So please share your ideas and actions for #IWD2019 on #femedtech.


francesbell • February 4, 2019

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