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Cyberbullying film as a resource

Cyber BullyMariana Funes pointed me towards this Channel 4 film and I watched it mesmerised.  If you are in UK you will be able to watch it on catch up at rammes/ukip-the-first-100-days/on-demand/58485-001 .

It’s a story of a young woman who is pursued online by someone who wants to expose to her the cyberbullying that she has conducted.  As Filipa Jodelka says in her review “Cleverly, it’s never totally clear whether Casey is the victim or the perpetrator”. And Channel 4 made a good choice as Filipa Jodelka says “The first and biggest thing they’ve got right is casting Maisie Williams – Game Of Thrones’s Arya Stark – as protagonist Casey Jacobs. ”

So by all means, just watch this film and enjoy it, let it make you think, but if you are an educator, then also consider how the film might provide a prompt for productive conversation with young people who will be experiencing all of the ambiguities that the film reveals.  Of course facilitating such a conversation would require an outstanding teacher/educator but I know that everyone who reads my blog is such a person or knows one.

Its life on Channel 4 catch up might be limited but perhaps we should lobby Channel 4 to release it for educational licensing.

For those of you who can’t see the film there is an account of it on Wikipedia (second best).




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francesbell • February 17, 2015

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  1. Dr M Funes February 18, 2015 - 9:02 am Reply

    I wonder how we can do the educational licensing thing? Great idea.
    I would not say I enjoyed it, I would say it made me think. The ambiguity and refusal to take easy blame routes is what makes it compelling. Also a sense that it is a snapshot, a day in the life of, and a sense that in closing the laptop lid nothing may change for the main character although it might…
    Just checked and the usual sharing sites have it available online. As Brian Alexander says, the web is generous 🙂

  2. marilynmunrow February 20, 2015 - 10:30 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:
    I had this recorded and sent to me on a USB. its a brilliant film, even as good if not better than the USA version. Well worth a watch and thought provoking.

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