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Learning more about WordPress

My timing for going on the WordPress Intermediate course at Madlab was excellent  – just as I am recreating my online presence as I left Salford.  This will be one of my last posts here but I’ll be re-directing everything to the new site. Madlab has lots of really cool courses , and Mike Little who…

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Identity under re-construction

moocardproof, a photo by frances bell on Flickr. I leave the University of Salford on 31 January as a member of staff, continuing as a student for 6 months as I complete my PhD by publications.  Although my usual workload has gradually declined, I am very busy with the ‘work’ of re-constructing my identity. (I…

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Listen to the mother’s voice

IMG_9388, a photo by frances bell on Flickr. This blog post is a bit of a departure for me – it is intensely personal and provoked by the tragedy of the death of Savita Halappanavar in a Galway hospital following the miscarriage of her 17 week foetus.  I don’t usually post on personal issues but…

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