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Gradually, then Suddenly – caring and careful responses to COVID-19

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.” “What brought it on?” “Friends,” said Mike. “I had a lot of friends. False friends. Then I had creditors, too. Probably had more creditors than anybody in England.” The idea of gradually then suddenly was playing around in my…

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This is an image of a sunset with the words of a poem superimposed on it. The poem follows in the text of the post

Four Days

Four days Four days to say hello to the twin who was born, and breathed, but was never going to leave the hospital Four days for twins who for thirty eight weeks had shared a womb, to share a room Strong kicks and weak pushes Four days while one twin thrived and the other failed…

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Strong as silk

Silk is natural, light, prismatic, gossamer. We know no fibre stronger than silk. One cocoon yields over 700 yards of filament. Silk can be reeled, spun, woven, sewn, knitted, patterned by weaving, printing, stitching, piecing, made into beautiful artefacts, to wear and to enjoy. Silk is beautiful and multiple. Silk can be chiffon, organza, crepe,…

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