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Ethics and soft boundaries between Facebook groups  and other web services

As part of a MOOC on rhizomatic learning that performs itself in many different spaces (Facebook, P2PU, G+, Twitter and others), I am a member of an ‘open’ Facebook group.  It is endlessly fascinating, and has given me a lot of scope for reflection about back channels and the exchange of information between open and…

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Rhizo14 Research

As promised two weeks ago, Jenny, Mariana and I invite your participation in our Rhizo14 research.


Reflecting, recollecting, research – Auf wiedersehen #rhizo14

I have been enjoying seeing traces of rhizo14ers reflections and recollections over the last few days. Thanks Dave for hosting the longest party I have ever attended and thanks to all the rhizo14 folks from whom I have learned and will learn so much. All participants will see changes in themselves and their networks as…

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You can’t have one without the other

Over the last few weeks on Rhizo14, I have been troubled with the either/or nature of some of our weekly tasks. We could argue about whether or not that was intended but at least some of the students have perceived concepts as being presented in opposition to each other:  Cheating as Learning , Enforcing Independence, Is Books…

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Framework for Virtual Communities

after Steinmueller This is a very hastily written blog post to contribute to discussion about real or imagined community at Heli’s blog. The diagram above is my visualisation of Steinmueller’s view of virtual community.  If you want to find out more about my thoughts in 2003 please click. I’d just like to pick out a…

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Is Books making us Stupid? or what I found in our study

  Correction:The Book Lost for Words was actually written by Paddy Creber. If you spent eight precious minutes of your life watching this video, I would be thrilled if we could continue the conversation here.


Wandering across smooth and jagged spaces – bring a blanket and beware the Chief ants

Short cut Apologies in advance – this is a long post.  You could just skip it altogether, or look at the pictures and watch the video. Thanks for getting this far. Textiles for Nomads – feeling it for felt This week I have been engaging with De Leuze and Guattari’s ideas of the Nomad and…

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Student activity exploring relation view of power

Background On #rhizo14 today, @teachnorthern asked for permission (not actually needed) to use the post  with teacher training students.  I agreed and offered her a student activity that I had used over several years with Masters students who were starting to look at theories of power and how they might be applied in practice. I offered…

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Dimensions of power, knowledge and rhizomatic thinking

My first thought when I hear the word power is of an individual exerting power over another – getting them to do something or stop doing something (possibly by raising a physical or verbal fist). But I am guessing that’s not going to be enough in rhizomatic thinking where we are thinking about the connections…

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