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Schnuffel is a post looking for a topic

Schnuffel, a photo by amonja on Flickr. Do you like Schnuffel? I blogged this pic as a demo today but now think he is so cute can anyone suggest a topic for a post to go with this pic? Ideas please.


Comparing two publication channels – academic journals and blogs

    I am going to throw out a few initial ideas about comparing academic journals and blogs as publication channels, as a kick off to a writing project I’ll be doing with Cristina Costa. Let me start by saying that it is very difficult to generalise about either academic journals or blogs as channels…

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Increasing the relevance, audience and reach of a scholarly journal

In another post I wrote about Research in Learning Technology’s move to Open Access and since then the transition has taken place. The web site is open for business so authors can submit their papers for consideration. Our full back catalog is available so researchers and practitioners can search for relevant content knowing that there…

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Open Access is a piece for cake for Research in Learning Technology

Research in Learning Technology , the journal for the Association for Learning Technology, is going Open Access from January 2012 (with Rhona Sharpe, I am co-editor of the journal).  ALT’s plans for Open Access publishing have developed over several years, and we are very keen that this move can extend the impact of the journal…

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Jargon at JISC Innovating e-Learning 2011 Online Conference

CCL Kevin Spencer at The issue of jargon came up at the JISC online conference more than once today.  This was my first involvement at the conference, and I was asked to contribute to 2 sessions on digital literacies. Despite many other commitments and a stinking cold, I enjoyed both sessions that seemed to…

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Digital literacies in HE : constructive dialogue between teachers and students

Digital literacies are relevant to anyone who works, learns and plays in the digital media landscape – most of us want to do all those things as well as we can. It’s quite difficult to some up with a simple definition of digital literacies – in fact Doug Belshaw has come up with a whole…

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Comment for Kevin Stranack

I just tried (twice) to post a comment on Kevin Stranack’s blog  but failed twice. His post is at My comments was: Already we have a connection Kevin.  I am co-editor of Research in Learning technology – journal for Association Learning Technology that will be Open Access from Jan 1 2012. ALT’s Chief Exec…

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Orienting myself to the Change 11 MOOC

I have signed up to the Change11 MOOC and feeling a little bit wary as day job is intensely busy and I am not sure I can make the commitment.  Of course, the reason that I have signed up is that I had such an interesting experience at CCK08 (and a few interesting moments at…

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An informations systems perspective on learning technologies

I had to prepare a short contribution(it’s under two minutes) to our Research Awayday -I’d love to hear any comments


A political joke from Steven Lukes

Five citizens of the Reich were sitting in a railway waiting room.  One of them sighed, another clasped his head in his hands, the third one groaned loudly and the fourth sat with tears streaming down his face. The fifth one looked at them, and shook his head. ‘Be careful , gentlemen.  It’s not wise…

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